Small Cell Forum to Host ‘Lighting the Path to 5G’ Panel at MWC

Industry organization Small Cell Forum are to host a panel at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, dedicated to ‘cutting through the chatter and addressing the real world challenges of planning a next generation network’.

The ‘Lighting the path to 5G’ panel (Tuesday 28th February, 7F61) draws together executives from organizations that are shaping 5G including Ericsson, Huawei, AT&T and Sprint. The focus will be to debate the issues around migrating current mobile networks to new architectures, and it’s will give attendees the opportunity to ask questions and contribute to the debate that’s ‘keeping the mobile industry awake at night’.

Discussions will include;

  • What does the industry need to put in place, to ensure that migration from 4G (or 2G/3G) to 5G is smooth?
  • If 5G is to embrace several radio technologies, including Wi-Fi, how important is the new air interface standard?
  • Will 5G be deployed initially in macro cells, like 4G, or will it be small cell first?
  • Which are the significant 5G use cases which will require densification, beyond what can be achieved in 4G?
  • How important is virtualization to make the economic case for 5G density?
  • What business model changes will be needed to maximize the impact of 5G technologies (e.g. neutral host, on-demand capacity, vertical market slicing)?

To register for attendance, go here.

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