Argela Opens 5G R&D Centre

Argela opened the first 5G Center of Excellence of Turkey, which will play an important role in developing 5G technologies, at Middle East Technical University TeknoKent in Ankara.

“5G Center of Excellence’s” opening ceremony was participated by the Republic of Turkey Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü and Information and Communication Technologies Authority President Ömer Fatih Sayan and hosted by Türk Telekom CEO Paul Doany and Argela CEO Bülent Kaytaz.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım noted that Turkey will become not only implementer but also a producer in 5G technology and said: “National software and network infrastructure tests will be performed here. This center is established to reach 5th generation telecommunication services with domestic opportunities.” Drawing attention to the importance of investments to develop, Transportation Minister Arslan noted that they regard all investments in informatics as a strategic investment. Arslan said: “One of the essential expectations from 5G is the increased communication speed. However, the most important gain is to develop national network and network infrastructure software and to move forward in this area.” Argela 5G Center of Excellence will operate with the goal of making Turkey to produce and export the technology on 5G. Türk Telekom CEO Paul Doany said “This center will help to develop national technology. This is very important both for the country’s economic prosperity and cyber security of public institutions.”

Argela CEO Bülent Kaytaz said that they have been focusing on software technologies which provide programming and controlling capabilities to 5G systems and making communication infrastructures to get smart in the past five years. Kaytaz also said: “We set three significant goals for us in our works on 5G technologies. The first goal is to make Argela an internationally renowned technology company. The second goal is to contribute to the development of national and secure communication infrastructures by using these technologies. The third goal is to ensure the use of unique technologies that we have developed to be used in the large-scale projects as of today via the ecosystem we have developed in the country and in international arena.”

The Center will continue to operate with the cooperation of Argela engineers as well as more than 30 academics from 13 different universities.

The Center will also enable entrepreneurs, students and academics to develop their  5G projects by testing them on 5G infrastructure.

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