MTI Wireless and Nokia Develop 5G Multi-Band Antenna Systems

MTI Wireless Edge is developing, in partnership with Nokia, a set of innovative, ultra-high availability wide-band and multi-band antenna systems for small cell and 5G cellular backhaul and fronthaul.

As mobile data requirements increase, largely driven by next generation 4G and 5G networks, new high-capacity frequencies, such as the E-band (80GHz), and carrier aggregation techniques are being implemented for cellular backhaul.

MTI Wireless Edge has developed a groundbreaking multi-band antenna solution providing the combined benefits of high bandwidth, increased availability and long range as well as lower Capex and Opex during implementation. This state of the art antenna integrates 18 GHz and 80 GHz frequencies into one Dual Band 2 ft. parabolic antenna.

The integration of these two frequencies into one antenna provides several distinct advantages:

  • Very high capacity & long distance – 80 GHz provides high data rates for backhaul and fronthaul while 18 GHz provides long distance with high availability.
  • Reduced installation costs – by installing only one antenna instead of two, installation costs, tower rental and antenna costs are all reduced.
  • Simplified installation – using the 18 GHz to point the antenna in the correct direction and fine tuning for the 80 GHz provides a much easier and faster installation process compared to installing two antennas.

In addition, MTI is developing a family of wide-band antenna solutions for 4G/5G dense small cell backhaul in the 21 – 26 GHz range utilizing small form factor, parabolic antennas providing street level backhaul of a few hundred meters which can be easily deployed with minimal space requirements.

As part of its strategic developments towards 5G, network equipment vendor Nokia is co-funding this project and will integrate MTI multi-band and wide-band antennas in their next-generation microwave transport portfolio to support Carrier Aggregation. MTI antennas will be showcased on the Nokia booth during Mobile World Congress 2017.

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